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Originally Posted by punkinevil View Post
I don't feel like getting into some sort of Jr. High flame war over this. The phrase "reasonably necessary" is keen to very broad interpretation, and the NYPD can be positively giddy about ticketing cyclists (especially towards the end of the month). There are a lot of people who have been ticketed, most of whom don't have the time to fight it in court. This isn't theoretical. This is how it works.

Additionally, I'm not sure why we're arguing about this. I can also walking around the dog crap on the sidewalk in front of my building, but that doesn't mean it's ok for people to let their dogs crap there OR that I shouldn't try to get them to stop. I can go around the cars parked in the bike lane (sometimes 5 along one block) but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to do something about that bad behavior

The crux of this article was mainly about obstructing bus lanes, which involves the exact same mindset and behavior (generally, the only difference is which side of the street the offenders park on).
Well said.

People double park mostly because they need to deliver or pickup someone or something. Yes we need laws to prohibit it, but I think complaining about vehicles in bike lanes is akin to complaining about cyclists who roll stops. Dog excrement on the sidewalk is on a whole 'nother level - that actually matters because someone is likely to accidentally step into the pile. But bicyclists aren't really affected by cars parked in bike lanes, just like nobody is affected by stop sign rolling cyclists. It should be trivially easy to go around a parked car, just like it should be trivially easy to ignore a stop sign rolling cyclist who doesn't harm or affect anyone.

NYPD ticketing cyclists for that needs addressing separately. That's outrageous.
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