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Which Power Meter?

I hope you won't mind me asking a power meter question. I have decided that I'm going all in on the track stuff and training with a view to starting racing next year. I train with power on the road and on the turbo, so it seems to me that this would be a worthwhile investment for the track bike. My main interest on track is the mass-start stuff; I am not ruling out sprinting but it doesn't hold the same interest for me, and I am not particularly concerned about pursuiting. I've read the previous power meter threads and have drawn the following tentative conclusions:

1. Pedal-based systems (and the Stages crank) aren't ideal for the track due to their accelerometer-based designs.
2. SRM is the gold standard.
3. If I want a crank based system, SRM and Power2Max are really the two choices; the Infocrank does exist but doesn't offer any great advantage over SRM.

My questions are therefore as follows:

1. I see that SRM offer two basic iterations: wired, for use with the PCV system, and wireless (each can come with SRM cranks or Rotor cranks). Is there an advantage to the wired system? If I've understood correctly, it has to do with instantaneous data transfer; is there a different benefit that I'm missing?

2. Using the wired system obviously ties me into the PCV head unit. Does this do everything a more modern head unit does (e.g. syncing wirelessly, etc), and is it really worth the expense of buying a new head unit (I gather the wireless SRM will sync with ANT+) compared with sticking to my Wahoo unit?

3. Is the Power2Max system appreciably inferior in any important respect to the SRM? I note that the Power2Max system comes with a rechargeable battery, which seems to me better than the SRM sealed unit solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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