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As for the bars, usually the fork assembly is shipped from the factory extra long and then cut down at a bike shop. Sometimes it may be cut too short in which case raising it is possible to raise it back by replacing the stem with an after market one that rises at a steeper angle. As said above, don't make drastic changes but you will need to make changes as cycling fitness improves with increased miles.

I have a drop bar bike though not an extreme drop from saddle to bar. Right now they are nearly the same with the bars just a bit below the saddle. In my early riding I had some neck discomfort which was cured by strengthening neck muscles. My back is in good shape for cycling as I do core exercises in addition to the riding. Cycling is very repetiticious so that if the fit is off it can get very uncomfortable. You may choose to do some exercises but in any case you will, over time, get stronger. The great thing is we can cycle well into old age. I'm 80 y.o. and doing fine.
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