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Originally Posted by u235 View Post
I skip fenders. Nothing against them, I just don't really mind the results without them. A deflector on my lower tube and maybe an "ass saver" in my seat or if I have a rack, I'll fit a piece of plastic under the rack and above the tire. Not perfect but in real dusty/dirty/muddy rides, you will get dirty regardless. It washes off easily (assuming you have access to water). If you are trying to stay dry in the rain, you are still going to get wet from above and around at some level but I've had my share of mucky water flying back in my face. I can't recall a time after riding all day in any conditions that I would not cleaned up and changed clothes anyway. Commuting, different story.
As someone who takes an effort to keep my drivetrain clean generally, fenders on my touring bike mean less gritty stuff gets thrown up on my chain from front tire, and this means my chain lasts longer, less work for me, and a cleaner quieter drivetrain.
and I dont mind the look of fenders.
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