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Originally Posted by djb View Post
Not from lots of personal experience, but fenders with knobby tires and certain types of mud are always going to be a bit of a gamble and certainly a compromise. That's another reason why I left so much space between tires and fenders, in case I had to ride through gucky stuff. I suspect I'd have had problems anyway if it was bad.....but slicks pick up a loooooot less mud than knobbies, and then of course there are knobbies and there are knobbies....
I often am running knobby tires on my Nomad, I agree with you on the potential for stuff that adheres to the tire to catch on the fender. I have as much room between my 57mm tires and 65mm wide fender as I can get.

But one hazard you did not mention that worries me more than mud, sometimes a knobby tire with groves can pick up twigs or rocks that get pushed into the grooves as you ride over them on the ground, and the tire could grab that twig or rock in the groove and carry it up into the fender. I often hear a bit of gravel inside the fender as the gravel rides all teh way out to the front of the fender. But the twigs concern me more as that could lock up a wheel. Has not happened to me, but I am extra careful on that bike to try to miss any tree branches that are lying on the road or trails.

That is the same bike I put my 2.0 width Marathon Winter studded tires on in winter, occasionally I hear snow rubbing inside a fender.
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