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Originally Posted by drlogik View Post
I there was no Internet, no cell phones and no electronic or social media, what would you do? There is your answer.
This is the reality, and the wisdom of this comes with lots of experience.

The thing about being on the bike around people is that you've got to be able to bear into someone at some times. You have to, and that sends the signal clearly that if they do punk you while you are balancing on your two wheels, it will be a brutal awakening.

I'm someone that sees something like that coming in an instant, and I'll cuss the lights on in that head while burling up to bear wretchedly over that person. Hey, if I'm getting wrecked, I'm going to make someone feel 100% of it. No questions asked. And you know what they're going to do? Nothing. What am I going to do? Protect the plate so to speak, and walk off after a schooling.

It's the reality. People are born, they don't know, they get cocky, and it's gotta be addressed, so that they'll swerve or slow down just like for a car. If they doin' it to me, they doin' everybody, and that can't stand once they met me.

E-bikes aren't licensed or anything. It's above 30mph that the mopeds start to have to be licensed, so unless you debilitate 'em, and you chain 'em to the tree with your bike rack chain or cable, you'll get nothing from a punkster except a lesson about what's possible on the trail.

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