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It's an easy fix. Promoter simply has to correct the file and re-upload it. If the results are already in a spreadsheet then it can take a few minutes.

We're spoiled in Illinois. We have a "reg system" that was designed and worked out and fixed over the last 10 years using Bikereg, all versions of the USAC databases and our own front end. Uploading results takes a few seconds and our officials usually do it once they get home or while at the race if we have internet access. I don't often have to upload the results as a promoter but I have definitely done it and sometime in the last 3-4 years as well.

End of the day - promoter is 100% responsible for all results and for posting them correctly to USA Cycling. If not corrected - posted results are different than what was posted for protest at the race - then file a complaint with your local association. It is their responsibility to work with their local promoters. If that doesn't work then just keep stepping it up the ladder. Big thing is if you can get the promoter to admit the results on the site are incorrect then the rest will go pretty quickly. If they won't admit they are incorrect then you're in for a lot of frustration with a bunch of people who really don't want to help you or see much of a point. *shrug*
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