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Originally Posted by Radish_legs View Post
Quick recap: won a crit, official posted results in the minutes after showed me as 1st place. I have a picture of said posted results. So that's not in dispute. I also have video of the race. But when they submitted to USA cycling, they bungled it and gave me 10th place. And messed up a number of other places. They now tell me, once submitted to USA cycling, it can't be changed. And "oh well, sorry." Is that true? Can't be fixed?
It can be fixed. The promoter can actually edit the page while on the results page on USAC's site, so no uploads necessary. However it's very clunky like that, better to upload a new spreadsheet.

I should point out that the last time I did this nonsense was in 2015, so maybe things are a bit different. I did poke around this spring at other USAC stuff, but not the results bit, and it seemed to be pretty much the same.
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