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Originally Posted by Radish_legs View Post
Never ascribe to malice that which may be better ascribed to incompetence.

It's good customer service to get the results right.
the customer service model is wrong for race promotion, which is why promoters pull out. there's no money or glory in it. when you expect a race promoter to act like amazon or disney or even your local 7-11 it all falls apart. go do another race that day, or take up running. the promoter's life will inevitably be better if he was doing something other than putting on a race. Should the results be right? Sure. But mistakes happen, and now someone has to go back and fix them. Which they may not know how to do. Simple for you, or someone else, perhaps. But maybe not for a promoter who doesn't know how, and has moved back to real life stuff...family, job, etc.
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