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Background - I've been the results guy for a local race for the last 7yrs or so, and can say that the number of times getting a fix is more complicated than it appears exceeds the number of times it's a simple fix. A couple of things to consider (and yes, I know I'm posting almost 2wks late, but maybe this helps?)

1) Race promoters/results folks do upload the results, but determination of placings is actually the responsibility of the chief ref and his/her team. Whenever I'm running results, we have an explicit understanding that changes should go through the officials - it's the way it's supposed to work. In the event that things get weird on you, which from time to time happens, it helps to have an official opinion on this to fall back on rather than "my mate at the club fixed it for me". I'll collect contested results and batch them to officials once a day or so. (fortunately not that many of them for us ;-) )

2) Results are collected by the finishing order of bib numbers recorded by officials at the finish line (why bib number placement is so important). We normally have 3 officials so there's quite a bit of redundancy in scoring finishes, but they also have back up high speed video in the event of contested results. In our district, it is possible to go back and get a review of the finishes.

3) Most important of all - if you want to contest a result, do it as soon after the event as you can. If you need to get video review involved (we've done this several times, sometimes frame by frame to pick apart very close finished), you need to get that in the first week or so, before the next weekend's races take away time from officials. The more detail you provide the better - witnesses, colors of jersey, who was around you etc.

4) I do agree with the customer service point - whenever I'm "that guy" that responds to complaints coming into our club, I always try to be courteous and acknowledge every request. We are in the business of providing good experiences for our racers - and god knows we need repeat business these days. Expecting a response from a promoter or their team is not at all unreasonable IMO.

5) Sometimes stuff just happens. Results get messed up, it's impossible to untangle, we have an impasse between a he said/she said situation. Be nice to the race officials who put in hours of their time to make races happen.
@Raddish_legs, not saying that your situation is this complex, but thought some perspective from the other side of the equation might help resolution (hopefully fixed by now?)
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