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Thanks for the perspective. The fact that the results are wrong is not contested, as far as I know. The races are all chipped. The chipped results are correct. The chipped results were printed and posted. I have a picture of the printed results that were posted. One of the guys who works with the promoter created a program that takes the chipped results and posts them to a website. Unfortunately if you raced more than once, his program adds laps from both races and docks you positions. That’s how I got 10th instead of 1st. Apparently the guy who made the program and is in charge of posting the results to USA cycling is “out of pocket.” So nothing has been fixed for me. I’ve now reached out to 3 other people, and all 3 point the finger at the guy who is not responding. There are people who are getting upset about the delay in results being posted to USA cycling. I guess they have upgrades waiting on the points.

Speaking of chips. All the Crits here require the use of a chip. Except for the one in Fort Worth. Which is the least-attended. However even with the chips, mistakes are still made.
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