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Just took it for a ride around the block and got caught in the rain heading home for about the last mile or so. When I came to a stop at the bottom of one hill I noticed the rain was sizzling on the hub surface. The thing was too hot to touch.
It stops fine, but the noise is really loud. My neighbor said she thought it was the trash truck.

If I spin the wheel in hand, really fast holding the reaction arm and axle, and gently roll the sprocket backwards, I can feel it jump or bounce forward on very light pressure, but it locks quickly if I commit and push back. I've tried running with the bearings a bit loose too but no change. The bearing surfaces are spotless.
The bike has a Schwinn Scripted cyclometer on the front wheel that works, it reads 66 miles on it.
The woman I got the bike from said her husband bought it years ago, rode it for a week and never moved it again.
It had the original Westwind tires still on it but they were too rotted to use. For now its got a pair of newer Carlisle tires on it that were still serviceable.

I have a slightly newer Typhoon too but its got a newer model 76 hub, and that stops fine, although I do get a bit of kickback from that too if I jump on the brakes hard.
I think I've got another set of S7 rims here somewhere, if I can find a new hub, maybe I'll just build up a new set of wheels for it, if for no other reason than to test with. I know I've got a few New Departure hubs, but I'm not sure if I have any new red band hubs in 36h here. I've always kept more prewar bits and pieces around then this late model stuff.
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