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I'm not standing on the brakes very hard to make them stop, but on that one hill I do ride the brakes for a bit to get it slowed up and stopped. The bottom of the hill is sand covered so last minute stopping isn't an option and the bike gets moving pretty fast down that hill if I don't apply some brake on the way down.
I took my other Typhoon with the newer Bendix hub down that same hill and it too got pretty hot, far too hot to touch. That hub don't make any noise.

The hub is packed with Park grease. The one thing I did notice is that with less grease, I get less kickback at first, but more noise.
I've basically always just about packed the rear hub lightly with grease.
I dug around and found an original manual for these hubs, Bendix refers to this as the RB2, made after 1965. Is a single speed coaster brake hub.

Since I'm not seeing any damage or wear, I suppose the only thing to do is to just ride it a bit and see if the noise goes away or gets worse.

I've just never heard a coaster brake hub make noise like this does. The first time it did it, I pulled over and checked to make sure something wasn't coming apart.
I just can't imagine what in that hub could make that kind of noise and not leave a mark or make metal shavings.

If a bike like a Schwinn Typhoon can't handle it I don't know what can. I ride my Raleigh Sports all the time and its never had a problem, nor has my other, newer Typhoon.
I bought this bike because it was so much cleaner than my other one, which is 'well used' to say the least.
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