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A front brake isn't a bad idea if your in a hilly area but keep in mind people rode mostly nothing but coaster brakes for decades in the past. They far outnumbered caliper brakes 40-50 years ago.
I have seen a few RB and RB2 hubs with broken flanges, where one or both flanges come detached from the hub and either spin or shift toward the center of the hub. I had one cheap late model hub that had the shoes poking right through the hub shell too, the bike came in because "It wouldn't coast". It had blown apart and turned itself into a fixed gear hub. That was on some woman's beach cruiser. She finally told us that her grandkids had taken it out when they came to visit and it was never the same since then.

If the sprocket bounces or pulses when the brakes are applied, then the hub shell is out of round or has somehow gotten rough inside. I've seen them get pretty torn up after being used with old dried up grease.
Any good marine grease for the bearings and a good high temp wheel bearing grease for the brake shoes is all I use. I did a few of my personal older Bendix hubs with synthetic grease throughout with good results too. The idea was that it's not as likely to dry up like old school grease can.
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