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This throws a whole new curve ball in "prevention"....

The litmus test for being let into some businesses, the hospital, etc. SEEMS to be the 'fever' test. They take your temperature as you go in and if you don't have one, you are clear....
My wife has a back injury that we have been back and forth to the hospital and clinics for the past several months about. Every single one of them is doing this. Not ONE, not ONE SINGLE ONE has tested my wife for Coronavirus as an active, or antibody test. We have asked (our) GP in direct relation to thinking we had it back in Nov/Dec and he simply doesn't have the tests to administer....but...

A friend of mine went to a wedding and within days of going every person at the wedding got sick, except his daughter. 30 something people knew, right off. The daughter never showed a sign, had a cough, fever, anything. She has been in quarantine nearly a month, along with her family, and is STILL positive without a single symptom.
One of our sons friends work at a hotel down in Florida where an outbreak just occurred, so everyone in the hotel had to be tested. The 'quick test' up the nose version showed negative, but the send it in portion shows he, indeed, has corona. He shows zero symptoms. His girlfriend and uncle are also "sick" without being sick.

These are just two people that I personally know. They would have no real way of knowing they were positive for this and are almost certainly spreading it around in some form or another. By the "litmus test" in place, each of them are safe.

Just food for thought.
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