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Originally Posted by texaspandj View Post
My place of business is perculiarly set in a residential block. On my side from corner it goes empty former gas station, empty lot, my building, then 2 story house. The other side of street is 3 story empty building, 2 story house, empty lot, house, newly built 2 story house formerly a building then empty lot.
All that to say I get a mixture. I'm 2 blocks from our beautiful Cameron Park. Lot of trails for trail bikes, plus plenty of casual riders on the river walk. In this neighborhood it's high and low income sperated by a street...I'm on the wrong side.
But mostly what I'm getting is Dusty rusty Walmart style bikes. It's gotta be the pandemic that's making them bring them out. Occasionally I get an easier higher end bike.
I guy comes in yesterday and says he has a next bike and says/ask it's"a cheap bike isn't it, I'm not sure it's worth fixing". I said yeah it's cheap But any bike is worth fixing as we don't need to keep filling out landfills with them.
​​​ It seems every customer has a story and that's cool. But one in particular had a WM bike and was all kinds of wrong. I could see what he tried to do and what the assembler did wrong. When he picked it up it was like new bike again. But he was most impressed with the speedometer actually working. But how, what, why was he using duct tape on it I don't know.

Besides what I already had I added these@seypat. Frequently used.

Crusty, rusty, and Dusty.

BEFORE and didn't look much better after but it runs good now...and stops.

"There some resistance in there when I pedal. I don't know what could be causing it."
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