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Let's talk about Sweden

Sweden is at 5482 deaths, and appears to be almost done:

That's 7th in the world with 543 Deaths/1M population (behind UK, Spain, Italy). U.S. is currenly 9th with 407, but clearly we're just getting started.

Forbes has an interesting article:

As governments around the world were ordering citizens to stay home beginning in March through the end of April, the Swedish approach was far more muted. High schools and universities closed, but younger children stayed in school, shops stayed open and Swedes were encouraged to socially isolate and stay a few feet away from each other, but to do so voluntarily.

For weeks, headlines in the English-speaking world called out Sweden and its outlier approach. Sweden stayed open, and as a result, many Swedes died. That was, and has been, the basic narrative. ...

While more people have died of Covid-19 per capita in Sweden than in many other countries, the outbreak of the disease did not crush the nation’s health care system and overload its intensive care units as predicted.

“Analyzed by categorical age group, older Swedish patients with confirmed COVID-19 were more likely to die than to be admitted to the ICU, suggesting that predicted prognosis may have been a factor in ICU admission,” the researchers write in a study published online for the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. “This likely reduced ICU load at the cost of more high-risk patients dying outside the ICU.”

The implication here is that Sweden chose to emphasize personal responsibility, but when the choice led to increased infections among the elderly, medical professionals seem to have taken on the responsibility of choosing who likely lives and dies.

Given that the analysis finds not all the nation’s ICU beds were occupied, it’s not even clear that this was necessary.
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