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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...whether it's "working" for them is kind of up in the air. All Covid 19 pandemic numbers are constantly in flux...a lot of the places you were previously telling me were doing OK are not now. So I've lost faith in your ability to dispassionately analyze what's going on with this disease. I would also ask you why you presume that somehow, Sweden's solution is better than it's neighboring countries, which thus far have posted death tolls that are lower by a factor of ten. Do you think those places are doing worse economically than Sweden ? I haven't looked at the data, but my guess would be that overall thus far, they are not. But it's just a guess.
Dude, chill the f out! You continue to read between my lines and find stuff that isn't there. I'm losing faith in my ability to dispassionately respond to your continual misinterpretation of my questions as assertions

What places did I tell you were doing OK and are not now?

I don't presume that Sweden's solution is 'better' than its neighboring countries. I am noticing, like the rest of the world, that it is different, and trying to understand it. I also haven't looked at the data, so I also don't know whether Norway/Finland/Denmark economies are doing worse. Maybe somebody should start a 'discussion' thread so we can dig up some data and examine it. Oh wait I already did that. Does Sweden have more deaths than their neighbors? Yes, like 10-20x, and I'm not denying it.

In terms of 'better', Sweden is definitely doing better than the apocalypse that everybody else expected, they're doing better than UK, Spain and Italy for reasons we don't understand (and I would like to understand them so I ask questions), and although they're currently doing a little worse than the US in terms of deaths per capita, if the curves continue along their current trajectories, then the US will pass them soon. This despite Sweden adopting an apparently looser policy than the US. So before long, we're going to be in a situation where the US deaths per capita, and economy are both worse than Sweden, despite trying 'harder' (?) to control the disease than Sweden. (see that question mark there? and the word 'apparently'? that means I'm not making a hard assertion, I'm wondering whether something is correct so we can discuss it) That's lose-lose-lose, and I'd like to understand why.

Mostly, your assumption that Sweden has done no more than we have done is wrong. In the United States, driven mostly by politics, we appear to have been encouraging super spreader events. See the latest news on Tulsa. The idea that what has happened in Sweden is "more liberal" than what has transpired in the United States is just another fallacious assumption. This is not the first time I've pointed this out to you.
I don't recall any discussion about Sweden before. That's why I started a new thread. Maybe I'm growing senile. I certainly don't endorse super-spreader Trump rallies. When they happened, I made a falsifiable prediction that in about 2 weeks, right around July 4th, we should look for a wave of infections. Now that wave is appearing, and I'm saying yup, there it is.

If the appearance/"assumption that Sweden has done no more than we have done is wrong", then let's talk about it. THAT'S WHY I STARTED THIS THREAD. Because on the face of it, to me, Sweden's approach seems looser, but the US is getting worse results. So something doesn't add up and I want to understand it

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