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Originally Posted by RubeRad View Post
So this:

drug up a memory of something a friend told me* before all the coronavirus stuff. Sweden is often held up as an example of socialized medicine, but in Sweden (my friend said*), it is common for old people to go to the doctor or the hospital with a terminal, but treatable, but expensive, condition, and the doctor will just say, 'nope, sorry you're too old. good luck with that'. If that's true*, that jives with this report that Sweden is triaging the elderly away from the ICU and letting them die, and maybe goes towards explaining why Sweden might be inclined to choose a strategy that will obviously have a high death toll among the elderly.

*my friend is not an ahsposo-certified, fact-checked investigative journalist. citation of my friend is in no way intended to imply that cited information is infallible, or in any way more significant than an individual anecdote
...yes. Obviously the high death toll is because of socialized medicine.
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