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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...would have been back in those two threads I started in teh P+R, way back before this special forum even existed. It was couched in terms of "well, every place is different, so we need different solutions by locale". I don't have P + R access any more, because once I lost it, I realized what a blessing it was to be relieved of the responsibility of posting sane stuff in there. You can go home again.
How does 'every place is different, so we need different solutions by locale' equal 'you said some places were doing better, and now they're not'? Also, are places not different? Is there one solution which is the best solution for all places?

,,,yet your whole initial premise here is that Sweden appears to be tailing off, and they are "almost done". Your words, not mine, and I repeat them here for context.
Yes those are my words and I own those words. LOOK AT THE GRAPHS. I'm just describing the graphs. Look at graphs of pretty much every other country, they tail off, they stay down. There was a great graph posted somewhere (by Seattle Forrest I think) plotting like a dozen country's curves, they all had the same shape of a quick rise and a steady taildown, indicating they had gotten the disease under control, except against that consistent background, the US stood out like a sore thumb with its giant 2nd wave. Does that mean I am advocating Sweden and/or the U.S. should now abandon all controls because the virus has 'one day it's just magically gone'? Only if you are bound and determined to read that into what I'm actually saying.

And I have some reservations about all the George Floyd mass protests, even if they did mask up.
Wait what? How did you get to there

You're asking for rational answers in the age of Idiocracy. All I can tell you is it's got electrolytes, which is what plants need.
?? Are you having a stroke? Maybe you should call an ambulance. Just don't call a Swedish one. How old are you anyways?
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