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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
Still planning HNH100 on an '88 Expert
Staying Burkeburnette.

Need info on a mercenarial private SAG.
Have vehicle, supplies, need it moved from stop to stop.
Easiest is 2 people, one with his/her car.
One drives my truck, which is the "rest stop,", one drives the car.
Both man each stop for 30-45 minutes and move on to next stop.
At the end, get paid and they're done.
Figure no more than 8 hours of work, and free gas for the car.
Maybe have dinner with us.

Also need local info on conv. stores, etc on the HNH route.
Most people are doing some kind of virtual ride which evidently can be any where anytime. My bunch doesn't seem to have much interest in doing that. So I am guessing you want to do the actual route on the day it was planned for? I'm not sure how well that would work without the HNH support. I haven't been on here much as I have had a lot of other disasters and projects to deal with. With all the Covid crap going on I figured the Ironman at the HNH thing would have wait so I have kind of blown off this summer as far as cycling goes.
I have rode the 100 mile route but can't remember how many stores there are since we didn't need any. There is a Braums at Hell's Gate that is a popular stop. I know most of the little towns have stores too.
Let me talk to the gang and see what they want to do. It will likely be a few days before I can get a answer out of them.
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