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Originally Posted by canklecat View Post
Yeah, I'm gonna order a rear wheel and save the hubs and spokes from these cracked wheels. Eventually I'll tackle building wheels so the hubs and spokes will be useful. Considering how expensive new spokes are it kinda makes sense to recycle old wheels as much as possible.

Weird that it's more cost effective to buy an entire wheel, new or used, than the components to build one. I guess wheel makers must get discounts on bulk orders of spokes, otherwise it couldn't be cost effective.
I know full well this doesn't pertain to Mr. Cat, but failure to tension wheels results in this more often than not, along with overtensioning. The bike basically hangs from the top of the wheel, and uneven tension causes differences is stress on those rims. The CTL-370 target weight was 370g per rim, so there's not a lot of "there" there.

Now, back to Mr. Cat... I have at least one set of those. I also have some CXP30's set up the same way. Just sayin'.

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