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Originally Posted by krispenhartung View Post
I sent a request to 3T and asked if they had a riser kit for the Minstral aero bars, and they said no.
Then I found this.


Huh? Has anyone raised these bars? I'd actually prefer to just raise the pads instead of the bars, which is what I do on my TT bike. I have 10mm spacer between the pads and bars. But the spacers in between the bars and the pursuit bars is fine I suppose - same end
so Mistral's mount underneath the base bar. 3T used to supply a conversion kit to mount them on top of the base bar, but I doubt it's still around.

You *could* (not saying it's safe to do so) reverse the way the clamps are mounted (mounting them on top of the base bar) and then put risers underneath the pads to bring them up above the now raised bars...

Are you sure you have Mistals? What you're describing doesn't match up with them.
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