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Originally Posted by anx View Post
@mr_bill great map, i got all my rides updated and tcx files saved somewhere, what did you use to combine them all together?

Cycling through North Shore, other than the northern strand trail, isnt all that fun, especially Chelsea and Revere, with the alot of the roads not having bike lanes and those with 'sharrows' being very dangerous as few drivers obey them, take it from me.
I use Runkeeper Live to track myself and then periodically export to Google Earth Pro.

Got used to walking all over Medford, Malden, Melrose, Everett, Chelsea, Revere, East Boston and Winthrop half-a-dozen years ago, but still need the earpiece to get me around by bicycle.

The new thickly settled speed limits have helped a lot, and there are a few delightful streets (Park Ave in Revere for example).

It is interesting to see the variations between cities and towns. Watching changes over time will be interesting too.

Frankly its somewhat amazing how well the jigsaw fits together, sometimes the borders just melt away under our tires.

-mr. bill
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