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Originally Posted by genejockey View Post
I tend to eat the same things for breakfast and lunch every day - low fat yogurt with some walnuts, which keeps me going till around 1 PM; then a sandwich and an apple, maybe with a Coke, if I'm at work where they're free. That keeps me going till dinner time, BUT if dinner is delayed, I get the Low Blood Sugar crankiness, and that's when I'm prone to eat a high-Calorie snack. That, and late at night. I learned not to keep nuts around, because a little dish of those guys is around 400 Calories.

One trick I've learned is to eat the same breakfast before, and the same lunch after Sunday rides, rather than looking for cookies and ice cream, "to make up for what I burned".

The one century I've ridden was so well supported that I weighed the same the day after as I did the day before. I blame the little new potatoes, boiled and tossed in olive oil with a sprinkling of salt and pepper that they had at all the rest stops.
I was saying that about daily 100 mile rides. One of my riding buddies did 25,000 to 30,000 miles/year for a few years and that's how described how much he ate for dinner. It's different when you do that every day. One year he gave up on mileage goals and did gain instead. He did 1.5 million feet. He wasn't skinny but certainly not overweight. Just an average guy and a fast climber, though he obviously never rode what we would describe as "hard."
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