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Originally Posted by spartanKid View Post
You're projecting a perceived advantage onto the feelings of others. You think it's unfair so you're assuming that others also all assume it's unfair. It's even in the wording you used, "bump off of the podium", as if she doesn't belong.

Also, with regard to the testosterone levels, you're also assuming that SF and other trans-athletes are out there riding around with 17 year old male levels of test, which is DEFINITELY not the case.

What about my other points made above? Any thoughts on those?
@spartanKid, Have you seen her race? I have. Have you met her? I have. Here we are (I'm wearing all black) as I push her off for a sprint round at DLV.

I wasn't at Masters worlds. But, I see in the results that Sarah Fader (USA) qualified 1st for sprints (setting the WR) with 11.889". McKinnon 2nd with 11.920" (the short-lived would-be world record mentioned earlier in this thread). I find it curious that Fader didn't race the tournament and I'd like to know why. Was she injured? SF?

Originally Posted by spartanKid View Post
You literally just said "Ah...that explains everything". As if being trans explains all her accomplishments.
"Ah...that explains everything" is not an insult. If a new rider were squatting 400lbs and dropping 10.5" times a few months into racing we'd be perplexed. Then if we found out that that person were an elite Track & Field sprinter or NCAA running back, we'd say, "Ah...that explains everything." Understanding something is not insulting something. Maybe you just read it that way.

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