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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
What about my other points made above? Any thoughts on those?
It's not noteworthy that people have different opinions about transathletes in sport. You bringing up the USA Today interview with Bearden is a solid strawman at best.

Originally Posted by carleton View Post
Have you seen her race? I have. Have you met her? I have.
Yes and yes. Again, I'm not sure what this has to do with anything. Just because you have met someone who is trans doesn't make you an ally, nor does it validate your feelings of being "duped".

Originally Posted by carleton View Post
"Ah...that explains everything" is not an insult. If a new rider were squatting 400lbs and dropping 10.5" times a few months into racing we'd be perplexed. Then if we found out that that person were an elite Track & Field sprinter or NCAA running back, we'd say, "Ah...that explains everything." Understanding something is not insulting something. Maybe you just read it that way.
Except you literally proved my point with this example. If a former elite T&F sprinter/NCAA running back was fast on a bike, you're attributing all of their early success to their past/history. Here, you're attributing all of SF's success to their trans-ness. You're dismissing all of the work it takes to not only ride fast times, but also *RACE*. Just because you can ride a fast 200 does not mean you can actually race match sprints, something you surely understand.
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