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Originally Posted by spartanKid View Post
It's not noteworthy that people have different opinions about transathletes in sport. You bringing up the USA Today interview with Bearden is a solid strawman at best.
lolwut? The interview was with Bearden AND SF regarding this topic in particular and SF in particular. How MF'ing more relevant can an article be??

Originally Posted by southernfox View Post
Bearden lied, by the way. I wasn't dismissed from the team: half of us left over the dispute and formed Foxy Moxy. But USA Today just printed her lies without checking.
Did you contact Scott Gleeson and Erik Brady of USA TODAY and attempt to correct the story?

Did the USA Today article misquote and attribute lies to you, too? If so, which ones? Or were the quotes attributed to you true?

Did you use this sport as grounds for a social experiment?

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