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I am right here, actively engaging with you and replying to you. You could either:

- Speculate as to what I am doing and why. Or
- Ask me what I am doing and why.

It's that simple.

I may be a "Jerk". But, I will engage and discuss.

This is a loaded topic. I agree that one's sexual and gender preferences should be TOTALLY private. That is not the case with SF. She has given international interviews and presentations on the topic. She's not, "I just wanna race my bike and have fun...", she's using the sport as a platform. This, ab-so-lutely opens her up to being a topic of discussion.

Please don't make me out to be an insensitive "bro" about this. I am quite sympathetic and I advocate (and vote) for many issues that overlap here. My interest is only about sport and what happens on the track. Period.

This is not a black and white issue. Let us not make it one with the idea that, "If you are not 100% with me, then you are 100% against me."

Regarding SF, I fully expected a literal scholar (Ph.D. and college professor) to actually entertain and answer questions and engage. Yet, I got called a "Jerk" and "antagonistic". BTW, I'm "antagonistic" not because SF is trans or that she races against women.

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