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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
No...she was like this for several months before I knew that she was trans. Maybe others did, but I certainly didn't. She kicked the BF door down saying how she was hot **** when she came to the forum. Some favorites are:

- How she's CAT1 on the road and should automatically be CAT2 on the track...after racing track for a month.
- How she intends to take Monique Sullivan's spot on the CAN Olmpic team.
- AlllllLLlll of her sponsors
- ALLLLlllllLL of her coaches

@Spartainkid, it seems that you joined BF a month after SF did. I you know SF outside of BF? Before joining BF? Are you a researcher with her?

Please answer
I legit didn't go back and read dozens of posts, or look at SF's posts.

I have met SF outside of the forums, as I mentioned before, at track races in here in the US.
Are you insinuating I'm some sort of collaborator with SF to go fight the meanies on bikeforums?! Lol I am not

And lol, no, I'm not a researcher with her, or in any field related.

I'm flattered you think I'm some sort of hotshot college professor though!

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