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Originally Posted by spartanKid View Post
I legit didn't go back and read dozens of posts, or look at SF's posts.

I have met SF outside of the forums, as I mentioned before, at track races in here in the US.
Are you insinuating I'm some sort of collaborator with SF to go fight the meanies on bikeforums?! Lol I am not

And lol, no, I'm not a researcher with her, or in any field related.

I'm flattered you think I'm some sort of hotshot college professor though!
lol yeah...those are just some highlights. There are many, many others.

I've been on bikeforms 13 years. I was a moderator for several years and resigned because I didn't have time to do what's required. I've seen several come and go. Even some move on to the afterlife.

This sub-forum and "The 33" is anonymous...but not really. It's a very, very small community in the world. Even though we may not know each other's name, location, occupation, etc... we get to know A LOT about each other here based on the words that we type into the screen.

I will 100% own-up to being a "jerk", "know it all", "a$$", and lots of other mild derogatory adjectives. But, I also pride myself on being helpful and fair.

By the way, I don't think being a college professor or PhD is a hotshot kind of thing. They are just people no better than anyone else.

Yes, I did wonder if you were a collaborator with her (teammate, co-worker, etc...) as your join dates are suspiciously close and you are vehemently defending a woman that is very capable of defending herself (and oddly very's late, though). She did make an appearance, but it was merely to:
- Declare herself an "internationally recognized expert."
- Declare the former team leader that dismissed her is a liar.
- Declare that USA Today "just printed her lies without checking."
- Declare me a "Jerk".

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