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Originally Posted by taras0000 View Post
That's BS. All it takes on the part of the UCI is some data entry. For an athlete, that lottle bit of effort goes a long way into recognizing and validating their effort and achievements.
To my knowledge the UCI has never recognized Team Pursuit or Team Sprint records for masters. **

Where did anybody get the idea that they did?

**Except that for some reason there is a 135+ combined age record for men's Team Sprint from 2009.

Also, it's worth noting that this men's Team Sprint record got beat in the Qualifiers at Worlds in 2017, but the UCI has not updated it.

You can find the existing master's world records here: About Track Cycling - Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Best Performances (These links below are to specific documents that are valid as of today. At the next update they won't be valid any more. Use the link above to get current data.)
Men - Best performance

Women - Best performance

Editing to add the following:
The 2017 results book lists among other records broken, the team sprint record I mentioned above and my team breaking the record for 3,000m Team Pursuit. However, neither of those results were ever listed on the UCI best performance documents linked to above. The individual results did make their way though.

Basically, my point being that it appears that the UCI doesn't care about masters team records and I don't see that this particular case has anything to do with sex or age group. If they did care, then every winning team pursuit squad would have been recognized for a world record as the 4,000m distance was new to masters.

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