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As a long torso'd and short legged gentleman (5' 11" ish) at least in terms of standard bike fit, the French fit long TT works for me. I tend to ride 58 cm with very little stand over clearance and less than a fistful of seatpost showing and that works for me. I have started really looking at how the stable measures and how the different bikes feel and it really brings home how much fit can affect the ride for me, like the fact that one bike gives me some arm discomfort after about 10 miles has a shorter TT than bikes that I feel fine on or different stem lengths etc. Trying to dial in the best fit but it starts with a 57-58 cm TT for me. YMMV

Ironically for this post I rode a 54 cm Cannodale for about a decade influenced by pro fit until I realized that A) I am not a pro, B) 54 is too small for me, and C) Steel frames smooth out the rough roads in my neighborhood.. I recently tried to get a 56 cm to work for me but I just couldn't dial it in.

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