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I'm 5' 8" and have an 81.5cm cycling inseam (32"). My center of BB to top of saddle is 72cm with 172.5mm cranks. I can ride a TT of 54 to 56 by using different stems, 130mm for 54 to 100mm for 56. My sweet spot is 54.5-55cm with a 120 stem. All of my road bikes (but one CL beater) are traditional steel with level TTs. I like them tending toward the small side as opposed to the other way around. The smaller triangles seem to climb, sprint and corner better, it could very well be my imagination but if I believe it, I guess in a sense that makes it true. @masi61 that's the bike you rode on the last Saturday club ride we did together, it looked like it fit you to me. The older I get the more "rules" I ignore when it comes to making a bike fit or work for me.

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