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Thief proof my bike parts

I lived in Austin TX for 3 years, and never had anything stolen from my bikes. I moved to Eugene OR recently, and the petty theft here is on another level. I have anti theft skewers on my wheels and a nice secure U-lock. However, I've already had my saddle bag, 2 good front lights, and frame pump stolen off my bike. and I lock my bike in a remote part of campus. I was thinking of getting a bottle cage container to hold my spare tube, lever, pump and allen tools, and just take that with me whenever I get off the bike. I also want to keep my brooks saddle safe, and get a security bolt for the seat post. If they really wanted to, they could use a 6 mm allen bolt to separate the saddle from the post, but idk if the thieves are that advanced here..

Any recommendations for bottle cage holders that can also accommodate bike pumps? what about security bolts with really small/handy wrenches that I can put in the bottle cage holder?
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