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Originally Posted by gl98115 View Post
The Rotor ALDHU comes in 155mm. To put together a crankset for a BSA 68 track bike, you need :

155mm crankarms
Track Spider
Track 30 Axle
BSA30 Track

Beware to get the correct bottom bracket. The axle is 30mm, so get the new track BSA30 BB with the red seals, not the older 24mm track BB with the blue seals (online vendors may not yet know the difference). The Rotor rep said the road BSA 30 does not work.

Also, the spider is thin and not countersunk for captive nuts. Dura Ace chainrings don't cinch down with normal track bolts. FSA are reported to work as well as the Rotor track chanirings.

The older Rotor 3D24 crankset came in 155mm. The spider is removable, and one version of the Power2Max track powermeter used the Rotor 3D24 road crankset. 24 refers to the 24mm spindle. Power2Max also offered a track powermeter using the Rotor 3D+ crank set which used a 30mm spindle. That's what is shown in the Ken Lo photo above.
Thanks for this.

I've always been perplexed by ROTOR's offerings and their mix and match style. I like the idea of mix and match. Maybe they can do a better job of presenting how it all works and how one might craft a solution.
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