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Originally Posted by Voodoo76 View Post
I had a P2Max track. There was one significant issue if you are looking at sprint data (accelerations, etc). There is a significant lag (2 to 3 sec) in the recorded cadence. My guess is related to averaging and use of an accelerometer rather than a magnet/reed switch.

Don't know if they have fixed that in the current generation.
Cadence is needed to calculate Power. If Cadence is late, Power will be, too.

The Wired SRM PC5 was great for standing starts because it could be equipped with TWO reed switches. Meaning it got cadence readings every HALF pedal stroke. You need 2 readings to calculate the time between readings (rate). Using a PC5, you could get 2 readings in 1 rotation of the crank...thus making Cadence available for the Power calculation faster than any other system...twice as fast as even a PC5 system with a single reed switch.

SRM stopped putting 2 reed switches on their SRMs back in like 2011 or 2012. They also removed that "Two Reed Switch" option in their software.
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