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Originally Posted by Doge View Post
Today I'm catching and 81 year old local cyclist, I slow down and say hello and am kinda surprised. John never rides below 20mph @ age 81. If you've been around SoCal, Como, last century you know how John rides. John never has been a racer that I know of, just a leg breaker (Pilot, air taxi company owner list of super successful stuff) been riding Como from late 60s.

11 weeks ago John was riding with the fast group through Camp Pendleton a coyote runs into the pack. John goes down hard doing high 20mph and shatters femur. He gets anew 24" Ti one put in, and without really asking the doctors is out on the road this week again. He says he has to walk with a cane, but the cycling feels good. Hegg had that done (in his 30s) and went on to win some pro races. As I age, that guy is more inspiring than ever.
I know 2 guys in their 80s who still ride pretty well, although not "A" group fast. One still rides his age in miles every year, and they are hilly miles. The other got a new Tarmac last time I saw him and you would swear he is in his late 50s or early 60s, not 83.

The cane part reminded me of a friend who broke his hip several years ago and rigged some clips on his Kestrel for the cane. He could still climb well but if he got off the bike he needed the stick to walk. He's 74 now and still rides strong.
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