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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
How would you all handle your power and race category for Zwift racing between road and TT? I'm guessing I'll just be totally outclassed in TT if choosing to ride my TT bike.

I make enough power on the road bike, I foresee ZPower dealing a brutal blow to race category sooner than later if I do a road bike race.

Then, I'd be screwed on the TT bike.

Is there a way to change it somehow? It seems lots of events are "auto enforced" by category.
this is quite a bit of hand wringing. Why does it matter you get outclassed on Zwift TT? It's a TT race, after all.

Sure, someone will be riding a road bike, hands on the hoods, for the Zwift TT event in which you participate. How does that materially affect you, other than the fact your ranking might be lower? If results and ranking has that big of an effect on your ego, might as well quit any form of racing. We all get seriously whopped by someone else, sooner or later.

do zwift road races on your road bike; do zwift TT races on your TT bike. If your ego really can't take the beating, do the zwift TT on your road bike, with your hands on the hoods or even tops; draw back being, you lose a session of hard training on the TT bike, but on the plus side, you get a higher ranking. Swings and round-abouts

not everything in the real world is going to be fully replicated online, and that's okay.

One way I get a leg up in real life was to get really aero and do the IAB. That's not an option in Zwift, and that's okay.
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