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Originally Posted by starkmojo View Post
I drove VW buses for 20 years you dont have to tell me about crosswinds. I am talking sub 1000lb vehicles for intra-urban transit going 30 miles an hour. Yes people may have to slow down in heavy winds, but apparently the entire planet becoming uninhabitable for human civilization is OK so that once or twice a year you might have to slow down to say 25 MPH.

On a side note I spent years as a motorcycle only commuter in the NW. You can handle crosswinds on the freeway at speed. That's a 500lb vehicle at 70 miles an hour.
I'm not arguing about lightweight vehicles nd gusting cross-winds. I'm just stating what I saw or heard. BTW, I had a friend who had a Volkswagen bus and he said that on any elevated road like the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto Canada, or the Burlington Skyway in Burlington Canada (near Hamilton Canada) that he was often scared driving it because it'd move so much in strong cross-winds. YMV it seems. It'l be interesting to see whta happens as vehicles do become lighter and lighter.

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