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Recommended indoor training setup

Hi there, earlier this yeah I started the move from Rowing to track sprinting. Really enjoying it so far and now in this period of lockdown and looking toward the future I wanted to get some advice on a good home training setup w.r.t sprint workouts with resistance/metrics.

I currently have a good starter sprint frame with an entry level setup (with speed & cadence sensors) and a set of rollers I've been using to train on + an approx. 20 year old tacx classic turbo that I use for short intervals on my road bike. I currently don't own a powermeter for either setup and have a lot of problems with tyre slippage for high torque workouts/actual sprinting on the tacx turbo.

So I've been thinking about the best way to eventually upgrade my indoor setup (anticipating the length of the lockdown, change to training habits and actually needing it for training in the future anyway), ideally to use my track bike for high resistance sprint workouts and get relatively reliable power numbers. So far the best option I've seen from my research is a direct mount trainer with some sort of after-market adaptor. But I'm very aware I'm still quite new to this so if anyone has found success it'd be great to hear your advice.

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