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Lots of good options out there these days. Velobike (and others) make adapters for the direct mount trainers that allow you to use a track bike on it. You can get a good feel on the options with DCRainmakers reviews.
The trainers like carpediemracing posted also make good dedicated trainer setups, and you eliminate any sweat hazard/etc to your racing bike. They are also pretty cheap, especially the "dumb" versions. (you can always remedy that with pedals that have power) Obviously with these you can spend as deep as you want with Wattbike/etc making high end versions with lots of bells and whistles.
Another cheap option is an old Computrainer. People will practically give them away now, and there are plenty of 20+ year old CT's out there that have ran in studios daily with very little upkeep/maintenance. The downside to them is that they are wired as opposed to ANT+/Bluetooth, and Racermate is out of business, so you are relying on old or NOS parts when you do need something.
You also have the wheel on... so you'll need a tire for it,etc.

All depends on the budget and what you are comfortable living with.
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