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Firstly, 3M stair grip tape will solve most of your grip issues. I ran it on my Kurt trainer for a long time and it lasts years, almost kills slippage, but it does create a big mess. I ended up knurling my roller which solved both the grip and mess issues. I also only ever used standard road tyres that I had retired from my road bike, I never used a proper trainer tyre even though I had one on hand. I ended up giving it away.

I have used a "dumb" spin trainer, my Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer and the Kickr. 100% if you have the money I would just go straight to the Kickr. If you want to go for the velobike adapter, all good, it's your money and it does look like a decent bit of kit. IMO you will get more bang for your buck buying a cheap 2nd hand road bike to permanently leave in your trainer. You can adjust the position of that to get somewhat closer to your track bike, but using your track bike on the trainer isn't really that big of a deal as far as position goes, but I wouldn't have it set up wildly different from your track position. Having a road bike set up in your trainer just opens up a whole lot more training options to you. Go for Upupup workouts on it, but you can use zwift or other platforms to vary your training and the short 10km races are great for sprinter cardio workouts and for the current life circumstances we are dealing with. Even the top level guys are riding on Zwift ATM
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