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Originally Posted by brawlo View Post
It's a warranty voiding exercise, so if that scares you off then just stick with tape. You have to pull it apart and get the roller off and then get someone to put a knurler over it on a lathe. The guys that did mine didn't make it very aggressive and I had doubts but they didn't charge me so I just took it. Damn thing slips less than the grip tape. It's awesome. I still was getting a very small amount of rubber thrown off the tyre, but it was about 0.001% of what was thrown from using grip tape.

Note: I pulled the fluid unit apart to get the centre spindle/axle out, but from memory I'm pretty sure after doing that I found that I didn't actually have to do it that way, but I can't remember now what that way was
Thanks, Brawlo. I'll likely leave well enough alone, but it's good to have the option.
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