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One thing to keep in mind when building a home training setup is the relationship between torque and cadence THAT is what you are training. You have to match the torque with the cadence for a given effort for best results.

Fluid trainers are designed to require an exponential amount of torque as speed increases. This is to mimic air resistance (also exponential). They don’t really care what your cadence is.

Fluid trainers were designed with road bikes in mind and thus, the rider will switch gears to manage the torque, cadence, speed relationship.

So, if you ever feel like you are in the wrong gear when doing an effort on your fluid trainer using your track bike, you are correct. This is the equivalent of doing an entire workout (including warmups) with the same gear on.

How do trackies manage this? Use a mag or friction (same thing) trainer.

Another benefit of friction trainers is the instant-on feature allows you to simulate motorpaced efforts where a bike brings you up to speed and then, at high cadence, you have to “come around” in the wind (high air resistance).

You can’t do that with fluid trainers. It would be like you getting up to speed on your own with no motorbike.
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