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Holy cow nice job! BTW, you're ready for the roadbike. I know a dude at 310 pounds who has ridden 100 mile bike rides.

I read the OP in the past and figured you'd be a whiny do nothing about it type of person but to my surprise, you're bad azz!

Don't take the nonsupporting people bring you down. I've always been active but my parents have told me that I have always wasted my time playing like a little kid. I had weights, played all kinds of sports, body building and cycling. Parents were very much against my hobbies and told me to flat out stop wasting my time as it would do no good. It was hereditary and I was destined for disease and bad health.

Of course my father had a heart attack at 33, diabetes, then a stroke at 55. My brother who is just like my father had a stroke at 52, impotent at 42 though claimed to be a stud in his younger days, and a heart attack at 55.

I didn't listen to these losers, even though family, and kept my active lifestyle no matter what any of them said or thought. And of course I am a healthy 56 today and still enjoying sex vs the non sex life of those haters!

I'll admit, your OP sounded whiny to me and I lost interest after the first post. But another check in and I see you are a man with some cajonees! Got my hat off so Keep it up! I'm impressed and get on that freaking bike!
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