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Originally Posted by velojym View Post
Thanks, GWC.

I'll admit that I kinda was.
In the end, I can either let people drag me down, or keep pedaling. Well, I'd better put up or shut up. So, I'm puttin' up.

While I will do other rides, I have two pinned: Tour De Taco in Clovis, NM next Oct, and RAGBRAI the next year. Those are rides I'm trying to get my brothers to do as well.
I plan on doing a lot of 'em otherwise.

I'm glad of the support and positive responses I've gotten here, though. It does help.

Nice! You are a bad azz in my book!

But don't let that stop you if your brothers don't do the rides with you. I know a dude, 310 pounds who actually asked me to do a century with him as motivation. I did and it was super cool. He finished the 100 miles. Heck, if I were local, I'd do it with you!

The dude I mention used to post here often. Now he is a consistent rider doing 3 or 4 good rides a week, posting more mileage than I do.

He also did a local 5,000 ft climb with us. Big dude but pretty BAD AZZ dude! You can do the same!
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