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Hey, zjrog... what a lot of people don't seem to understand is: When you're living entirely for other people, and not doing anything for yourself, you end up with nothing to give, and end up being a burden in turn. I got caught in this trap, and ended up realizing that if I were cast aside for whatever reason, I didn't have the immediate ability to take care of myself on even a basic level. This is, at its core, what I'm working to change. The bicycle is just a fabulous way to do it, and my happiest times were when my bike was my lifestyle.

So, I like to differentiate between selfishness (good, and allows you to provide for yourself, then others) and narcissism (not so good, doesn't allow for the idea that doing right by other people makes things better for you in the long run).

I'm back down to 2x shirts, and 46 pants, from 52/looking at 54.
I might be able to wear xl, but need to dig some up to try. If not yet, I'll be there soon. This train has another 100 or so lbs to the station.

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