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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
Would you spend $1270 for new wheels to save 223 grams (7.87 oz) if all the weight savings were at the rim?

The new wheels would be exactly the same as the existing wheels except for much lighter rims. Assume for now that the hubs, spokes, nipples, tires and tubes are already as light as they can go.

The bike flies and I've no need for new wheels. This would be a luxury purchase.

Wheels would be built by ProWheelBuilder and come with 2 year warranty and lifetime 25% off crash replacement. I could probably sell the existing wheels for a couple hundred.

This is on a sub 16 lb bike.

If you want to save grams and $ go carbon tubular.
Tubular rims are less popular than clincher, so resale prices are lower, you can pick up zipp 303 or nice Reynolds rims for $500ish on ebay. I've done it. The zipp 303 tubular rims are around 380g for 45mm deep, that beats any alloy clincher by far
My regular wheels now are tubular Bontrager Aeolus, I got used and got tires on them for less than half of your $1270 budget.

The other day I saw ax lightness tubular 24mm for around $1200, those are 215g rims...with good tubular tires you save 500+ grams rotating mass vs alloy clinchers. your bike will be under UCI weight
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