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Originally Posted by TakingMyTime View Post
I don't have enough money saved up to make it that long.

I hear that!

My grandmother on the Sicilian side lived to 100. She certainly ate a lot of carbohydrates ... pasta and bread.

But the primary factors that probably do more to help the Okinawans live so long were stated in the article:

Genetic good fortune could be one important factor. Thanks to the geography of the islands, Okinawa’s populations have spent large chunks of their history in relative isolation, which may has given them a unique genetic profile. Preliminary studies suggest this may include a reduced prevalence of a gene variant – APOE4 – that appears to increase the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. They may also be more likely to carry a protective variant of the FOXO3 gene involved in regulating metabolism and cell growth. This results in a shorter stature but also appears to reduce the risk of various age-related diseases, including cancer.

Even so, it seems unlikely that good genes would fully explain the Okinawans’ longevity, and lifestyle factors will also be important. The OCS has found that Okinawans are less likely to smoke than most populations, and since they worked predominantly in agriculture and fishing, they were also physically active. Their tight-knit communities also help the residents to maintain an active social life into old age. Social connection has also been shown to improve health and longevity by reducing the body’s stress responses to challenging events. (Loneliness, in contrast, has been shown to be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.)

My guess is that all that completely overwhelms the diet aspects ... unless they are were to all change their eating habits pretty substantially.

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